District 10 Elections, Sunday November 1st @4pm

Post date: Oct 3, 2015 4:12:41 AM

~~2015 District 10 Elections~~

Sunday, Nov 1st, 4:00pm

Union Hall, 213 West 3rd Ave

Make your vote count!

*District Committee Member (DCM)

The DCM is the essential link between the GSR and the area delegate to the GSO. As leader of the District Committee, the DCM is exposed to the group conscience of that district. Attends, and votes for the district, at area meetings. Visits AA meetings, chairs monthly District meetings and is the line of communication between Area and District.

*Alternate District Committee Member (DCM)

The alternate DCM is a backup for the DCM, assisting, participating, and sharing in the DCM’s responsibilities at District and Area meetings. If the DCM resigns or is unable to serve for any reason, the alternate steps in.


The secretary records and distributes minutes of District meetings, and keeps mailing lists and phone lists up to date. The secretary can also be responsible for making and distributing flyers as needed.

*Treasurer/Alternate Treasurer

It is the Treasurer’s job to manage all of the money collected for District 10; write checks for expenses, do bank deposits, check the post office box on a regular basis, and reconcile the monthly bank statement with the Treasurer records. The Alternate Treasurer is the back up for the Treasurer and steps in when the Treasurer is not available, but needs to work closely with the Treasurer and stay up to date on what is happening with the finances.

*Public Information (PI)/Cooperation With the Professional Community (CPC) Committee Chair

The PI/CPC chairperson is responsible for forming and facilitating a combined committee from amongst the AA groups and members of District 10, who will carry the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic by letting the public and professionals in our community who come into contact with the still suffering alcoholic, know about Alcoholics Anonymous.