PRAASA (Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly)

Post date: Feb 9, 2016 2:55:37 AM

When: March 4th - 6th

Where: Spokane Convention Center


Hotel and Attraction Info:

On the weekend of March 4,5 and 6, Area 92 will host the 2016 PRAASA - with the 15 Areas of the Pacific Region participating (Alaska, Arizona, California 6, Hawaii, Washington West, Washington East, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Oregon). Over a thousand members will meet in Spokane at the Convention Center and participate in the oldest regional service meeting in AA.

Members will come to discuss the issues that face AA and how the trusted servants work through those issues. It's an opportunity of a lifetime for many since PRAASA will be in our Area only once every 15 years, rotating among the other Areas. We last hosted in 2001 and will not host again until 2031.

Each home group should be sending their GSR, every District should send their DCM and the committee Chairs can meet with committee chairs from all over the (Pacific Region) west, learning about the committee work and how we grow by being a part of AA as a whole.

Please join us as we trudge the road of Happy Destiny with our fellow members of the Pacific Region.

Area 92 PRAASA 2016 Committee